O carte cu adevărat mare

O carte cu adevărat mare trebuie să fie citită în tinereţe, din nou la maturitate si încă odată la bătrâneţe, aşa cum o clădire frumoasă trebuie să fie vazută în lumina dimineţii, a prânzului şi a lunii.
— Robertson Davies



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  5. Thank you so much for providing that link to the American Cancer Society. I’d always wondered why some studies concluded that induced abortion resulted in increased cancer risk and why some didn’t… Now I know (recall bias)! And as for the rest of your post… I am SO impressed. You are an excellent researcher. My hat’s off to you. Don’t ever stop.

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  8. We ARE having a great week, Tem! Busy, but very good. Today was a break from my WiP revision, but tomorrow I’m diving back in with the goal of finishing by the end of this weekend… Yay! And I’m still chuckling about your Twitter snaffu… Totally something I would do!

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  13. Also, I’d like for everyone to think about the word “alternative” and what is suggests about our campus. If it suggests the idea of “one of two (or more)” views, then my point isn’t very strong. If, however, it suggests “the other” view (conservatism, of course, being “the other”) in relation to “the one” (liberalism, of course, being “the one”), then it’s pretty clear that it’s not easy being a conservative in this atmosphere. Thus, although you can think and say what you want, you are going to be highly uncomfortable doing so unless you toe the line.

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  75. My computer is acting a bit dodgy right now, John, so I couldn't access that link, but as a bookseller I do understand about overexposure. Sometimes I do have to thank being in a book group to make me reconsider things that are suspect due to over-popularity. Sometimes I'm right in my prejudices, but often I'm wrong. I do feel that this was one of those latter times. I know about the whole plagiarism controversy. I doubt somehow that the books are very much alike, whatever the similarity of the initial premise.

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