1. A culpa não é do eleitor que não domina o jargão. Eles decidirão o que bem entenderem, como vimos na votação do salário mínimo. É o vale tudo: ameaças, negociação de cargos e verbas, corrupção (mensalões)e sei lá mais o quê. Atenção: lista fechada coloca eleitores e políticos definitivamente nas mãos dos 'coronéis' e caciques dos partidos.

  2. Nice piece, thank you, and thank you for the honest bewilderment you showed at one point, and for bringing him back to earth. I wanted to note that, paradoxically, sometimes an unbroken street wall (a la Park Ave in NYC) can be more comforting to a pedestrian than plinths and plazas that break things up, wonderful though they are. Interesting to figure out how to design both for the reliablility and order the psyche wants and for greater street life and communal vitality. Michael M

  3. My roommates and I discuss your blog posts frequently, and even if we don’t always agree with what you think, which is a rarity, I appreciate your honesty in posting what you think. If you’ve done one thing with this blog, it is to generate pure excitement for the university we all love. What more could you want? And for that, sir, I thank you.

  4. THANKS,. BETSY I’ll feel lucky all day through tomorrow, ready with a positive attitude for my interview at 3pm.[] Reply:March 18th, 2012 at 8:38 pmGood luck on your interview Ted! I’ll be thinking of you with positive thoughts at 3pm tomorrow!![]

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  7. Stu, again you are a very different (and by that I mean wonderful) sort of person. Many people I know would take comments personally should I say anything about their parenting decisions.I agree, learning to be the best parent you can be is the whole point.Sometimes human frailties get in the way of that. Sometimes, I think, people worry if they’ve done something in a less than optimal way then they are a TERRIBLE PARENT. It’s not a value judgement it’s just a suggestion of a different way, method, whatever.I just haven’t figured out the right way to give that kind of advice.

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  18. You know I’ve just been dying for the mishies to show up so I can be really, really nice to them. You know, show them the X-Box, my guitars and a good meal, and then my mission pictures. *Sigh*. I’ll bet it never happens.

  19. “What kind of morons are looking after our children?”Teachers. Worse, in these days of anti-pedophile hysteria, probably female teachers who were so useless that they couldn’t qualify for any other job.This is just another example of why, if we’re ever to take back our societies, one of the most important goals is the elimination of compulsory, state-run schooling. The multicultis have infested state-run schools from top to bottom, and turned them into decades-long indoctrination centers.

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  21. That’s because Barbara and Laura Bush put the LADY in First Lady. And in all fairness, so did Ladybird Johnson and Jackie Kennedy.Hillary was born in Chicago, Mooch was born in Chicago…Coincidence maybe?

  22. Hi Jessica, just popping by to tell you how much I love, love your blog. I found you though google about 2 years ago and can't stop reading you ever since! Thanks for all the crafty inspiration! I love sharing your information on pintrest!

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